Why NO coupons here

Many of our garage door repair competitors use coupons ($10 off any spring repair, $25 off any garage door, etc)

We DO NOT USE COUPONS, "SALES" or OTHER GIMMICKS to sell our products and services.

We offer "Simply Competent Service at a Fair Price" ™  -- our motto "NEVER A COUPON REQUIRED" ™  

We eliminated all discounts and similar items over 10 years ago as they lead to poor marketplace ethics in our opinion. In many cases our price is lower than the competitors price even after their coupon has been deducted. We try to supply improved quality (ie high cycle torsion springs as standard, heavy hardware, extra reinforcing struts, rollers with steel ball bearings and a nylon cover for quiet but longer life, lubrication and safety inspection included on all service calls). After considering the quality improvements and the professional service techs (not subcontractors) which we employee to provide you with prompt and professional service, we are confident that you will find our pricing is fair. We do not claim to be the cheapest. If you think you found a better "deal" please give us an opportunity to explain any differences between what we offer and your other proposal.  Many of the reviews provided by existing customers (see OUR REVIEWS above) specifically say that our service was great and our pricing was very good too!

Occasionally a manufacturer may offer a rebate or other incentive to our customers and we simply pass these promotions through to our customers who qualify. If you participate in a manufacturers rebate your personal information maybe used and/or sold by the manufacturer. If you are concerned about your privacy then do not respond to any "rebates" or other "mail in offers" by our vendors.

Our quoted pricing is the price you pay. You may choose to participate in any rebates or other manufacturers promotions subject to their terms and conditions.

We provide garage door sales, service & installation N/NW Chicago and Suburban IL Skokie based - NOT a franchise Fast & fair torsion spring, gears, garage door & opener repair Our SERVICE AREA