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We are providing regular service during this COVID-19 pandemic - our service is deemed essential - We are wearing masks and allowing for minimum contact with social distancing during service! UPDATE 6/11/2021: with Illinois in phase 5 we will wear masks when requested by customers -just let us know your preference

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Angies List overall "A" rating with 125 reviews

Jennifer D, Chicago, IL 60631 07/25/2019 Rating "A"
Very well the guy on the phone said it would be 200$ sight unseen and it was 200$
Christopher McG, 06/29/2019 Rating "A"
Amazing price service and professionalism. Brad runs a fair business and is super intelligent as well. Impressed with the whole experience and I’m so glad I hired them. Highly recommended!!
Michael C, Evanston, IL 05/06/2019 Rating "A"
Eric tried to repair my 20 year old garage door opener and took over 2 1/2 hours in the attempt, wherein the chain wouldn’t I had him replace the unit the following Monday. He didn’t charge me for the initial call as he said, “ no charge as I didn’t fix it”. The new unit is a LiftMaster and works smoothly and quietly now. Much thanks to the company. I feel the replacement was a very fair price.
Dino M, Skokie, IL 04/20/2019 Rating "A"
It went well! Brad was very responsive. Repaired very quickly. Even sprayed lubrication on all the parts. Would recommend his services to anyone.
Sue M, Deerfield, IL 03/14/2019 Rating "A"
My garage door was stuck open and would not close. I called and the first thing the gentleman said we would try to fix this without a service call! How wonderful, a company that puts the customer first! He asked me the brand of the opener and suggested I hold down the button and not take my finger off. I said I needed to leave the house in a few minutes and wanted to make sure if something happened my car was not stuck inside the garage. He waited until I pulled the car out of the garage. The first idea did to work. He then suggested I check to see if anything was blocking the sensors. It was a windy day and some debris had blown in and coved a sensor. I swept it away and the door closed. When I need a garage door company for service, they are the one I will call.