We provide garage door sales, service, torsion spring replacement & installation N/NW Chicago and Suburban IL Skokie based - NOT a franchise Fast & fair torsion spring, gears, garage door & opener repair. We have over 29,300 customers.

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Our service area covers over 121 communities from Chicago loop to north past Lake Forest and from Lake Michigan west to Barrington.

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We can design and replace garage door springs for nearly all applications simply call us at (847) 329-8300

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What does it cost to replace garage door springs?

For most 2 car metal residential garage doors it costs just under $305 to have us replace both garage door torsion springs with 20,000+ high cycle torsion springs and perform safety and general maintenance. This also applies for most wood garage doors under 300 pounds. For garage doors with 2 or more springs they should be replaced at the same time. You can plan on the other spring breaking within a few months if you change just one you will then have to pay a labor charge again - better to do it right from the beginning.Typical cost for a 1 car residential door is ONLY $200 to replace the single torsion spring. There are NO hidden costs, travel charges, inspection fees, lubrication fees, or just because fees like some of our competitors. Our service includes general maintenance, lubrication with synthetic garage door lubricant from Clopay and inspection of the garage door and adjustment of the garage door opener. Heavier wood garage doors and commercial or apartment house doors are more expensive and quoted on an individual basis.


Should I change the spring myself? We do NOT recommend that the average untrained individual change their garage door torsion springs themselves. This is not a DIY project. Call a professional who can measure and replace the broken torsion spring in a prompt and professional manner. Our service technicians change multiple torsion springs every day. A safety check of the garage door and opener must be made after the adjustment or replacement of any spring. Instructions for measuring a torsion spring are here.

Extension spring weight? Extension (aka tension) spring weight chart and DIY information on extension spring weight chart is here.

My garage door stops less than one foot off the ground - what's wrong? Your garage door torsion spring may have broken (makes a loud bang like a shot gun) and the garage door is now too heavy to lift.

Where is my torsion spring? Torsions springs are located above the garage door when the door is closed. Springs have a metal tube (torsion bar) going through the middle of the spring(s). Two car garage door usually have 2 torsion springs while most one garage doors have a single torsion spring.

Broken torsion spring? Replace springs - we always suggest replacing garage door torsion springs in pairs for best performance

Garage Door too heavy? Garage door torsion spring needs to be tightened or replaced

Door won't stay open? Torsion spring needs to be tightened or replaced

Door hard to close? Garage door torsion springs too strong or too short

Low headroom? May need rear torsion springs and/or double low headroom track We can install these springs with less than 8 inches of headroom including a garage door opener in most cases.

Garage door uneven? Possibly frayed cable, garage door needs to be releveled or a torsion spring conversion (if extension springs) may be required. The biggest source of doors being uneven is extension springs which pull front to back in the garage. Since both sides of the garage door are pulled separately it becomes hard to keep the door even as the pulley wear. A torsion spring conversion will solve this problem.

Springs don't last? Need high cycle torsion springs. Although the garage door industry standard is to provide 10,000 cycle springs we now suggest 20,000 or higher for most residential applications. Commercial applications may get 100,000 cycle springs.

Want to raise door for car lift? Ask us about highlift track conversion and torsion spring configuration for maximum inside clearance

Extension springs that stretch front to back in the garage are UNSAFE

We no longer stock or sell extension springs (except in very rare cases) - ASK about a torsion spring conversion. We can usually convert your existing garage door to a torsion spring system without replacing the track or garage door sections.

We are spring engineers.

In fact we have developed equations to compute spring conversions from the fundamentals (not from outdated spring charts). Although we do not sell the software which we have developed we do provide spring conversions and corrections for our customers and other door companies as needed.

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