Garage Door Co Repair Pros serves Rogers Park (Chicago), IL (zip code(s) 60626, 60660) with 576 customers. We provide complete sales, service, installation & repair of residential & commercial sectional overhead garage doors, garage door electric openers, garage door torsion springs, remote controls, keyless entry and more in and around Rogers Park (Chicago), IL. We have 2973 customers in the nearby cities of Evanston, Chicago, Rogers Park (Chicago), Andersonville (Chicago), Edgewater (Chicago), Uptown (Chicago), West Ridge (Chicago), West Rogers Park (Chicago) and zip codes 60202, 60204, 60209, 60626, 60640, 60645, 60659, 60660 which are within 3 miles.

Even though we are a small locally owned business located at 4646 Oakton St (rear) in Skokie, IL serving N/NW Chicago and suburban IL and are NOT A FRANCHISE we service Rogers Park (Chicago) every day with NO travel charge. Same day garage door service is provided to Rogers Park (Chicago), IL in many cases. We would love to provide you with the same great service that over 29,300 existing customers have received in Rogers Park (Chicago), IL and the over 121 communities we serve in N/NW Chicago and its suburbs. "Simply competent service at a fair price" is not just our slogan but rather our goal every day.

Pricing has increased due to material and labor cost increases over 100% between 01/01/2021 and 12/01/2021. See Price increases 2021

Upfront Pricing for common garage door repairs in Rogers Park (Chicago), IL
All service calls include general maintenance, synthetic lubrication, safety check
(Below pricing includes labor, materials and tax - no just because fees)
Torsion springs 2 car door (replace both standard torsion springs)
(includes 20,000+ high cycle torsion springs)
$305 up to 300 lbs
$375 for 300-350 lbs
call for more than 2 springs or heavy wood or carriage metal doors
call for apartment house or commercial applications
Torsion spring 1 car (single standard torsion spring)
(includes 20,000+ high cycle torsion springs)
$200 up to 150 lbs
$250 for 150-175lbs
call for heavy wood or carriage metal doors
above pricing if only 1 spring
is replaced on 2 spring system
Torsion spring conversion from extension springs
(recommended for nearly all doors with extension)
$400 for 2 car hollow steel door
$325 for 1 car hollow steel door
call for wood or heavy metal doors
Cables (both) for residential door
$155 pair for extension spring system
$145 pair for torsion spring system
only $40 extra with spring replacement
Gear and sprocket replacement (Chamberlain/Sears/Liftmaster)
$155 chain drive
$165 belt drive
deduct $75 if already having service call
IR safety sensors (pair replaced)
$145 for Chamberlain/Liftmaster/Sears
$155 for Genie
$155 for Allstar
deduct $80 if already having service call
Keyless entry (outside numeric pad)
$150 for Chamberlain/Liftmaster/Sears
$150 for Genie
call for other models
Install homeowners Chamberlain garage door opener
(we do NOT install Genie, Xtreme, Ryobi or Mighty Mule systems)
addl costs if door is not reinforced for opener

Have a broken garage door torsion spring in the Rogers Park (Chicago) area? We can help. We replace torsion springs on a daily basis in the Rogers Park (Chicago) area at a fair price. We provide 20,000+ high cycle torsion springs as standard - not an upgrade. Torsion springs are located on a bar above the garage door When one breaks you will see a gap of an inch or more between the coils. Typical cost for a 2 car residential garage door is ONLY $305 parts and labor to replace both torsion springs. Typical cost for a 1 car residential door is ONLY $200 to replace the single torsion spring. Heavy wood or carriage style doors maybe more expensive and quoted as appropriate. There are NO hidden costs, travel charges to the Rogers Park (Chicago) area, inspection fees, lubrication fees, or just because fees like some of our competitors. Our service includes general maintenance, lubrication with PRO21 synthetic garage door lubricant (aka Clopay / Ideal synthetic garage door lubricant) and inspection of the garage door and adjustment of the garage door opener.

Does your garage door opener have bad gears in the Rogers Park (Chicago) area? If you hear the garage door motor running but the chain or belt is not moving then there is a very good chance the the plastic gears in the garage door motor unit are stripped or cracked. For garage door openers manufactured by Chamberlain - including Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Sears / Craftsman, Access Master the cost to replace the gear and sprocket assembly (includes both plastic gears, output shaft, sprocket for chain or belt, bushings and lube ie 41C4220A, 41C4885-2, 41C4885-5) in the Rogers Park (Chicago) area is ONLY $155 to $165. Just like above discussion on springs this cost includes general maintenance (tune-up) etc. As long as your opener was manufactured after 1992 and has the ir safety beams near the garage floor on both sides of the garage door opening then the gear and sprocket replacement is usually justified.

Is your garage door lift cable broken in the Rogers Park (Chicago) area? The garage door cable is the metal cable (wire) that connect the springs to the bottom section of the garage door. When a cable breaks the garage door will usually become uneven (higher on one side than the other) and will usually not be able to open with the garage door opener. The cost to replace both cables on most residential garage doors in the Rogers Park (Chicago) area is ONLY $145. Cable replacement is about $40 additional when replacing the torsion springs since you already have the labor costs included in the spring replacement. Cable replacement cost higher on heavy wood or carriage style doors.

Are you ir safety sensors bad in the Rogers Park (Chicago) area? Since 1993 all residential garage door openers require self monitoring entrapment protection in order to be sold in the US. Almost all opener manufacturers have opted for the ir safety sensors aka photo eyes to meet the UL325 standard. The standard calls for these sensors to be mounted within 6 inches of the floor with one on each side of the garage door opening. If these sensors are damaged, misaligned, or defective then the garage door opener will not close from the remote control. The standard allows a user within the sight of the garage door to hold the push button / wall console continuously in order to override the problem sensors. There is an aiming light on the sensor system (usually a light on each sensor with the exception of Allstar, Challenger and some Genie). Both aiming lights need to be on steady - not flickering in order for the door opener to close with a remote control transmitter. If the sensors are bad the replacement cost for a pair of photo eyes in the Rogers Park (Chicago) area is about $145 including the general maintenance, safety inspection, lubrication etc as described above. 

BEWARE OF GARAGE DOOR REPAIR SCAMS in the Rogers Park (Chicago) area -- check out these tips and resources we have consolidated from various consumer watchdog groups, TV station sting operations, etc GARAGE DOOR REPAIR SCAMS - CLICK HERE

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Primary service area is N/NW Chicago and Suburban IL including Rogers Park (Chicago) and surrounding communities.

WE USE NO "SALESMAN" - ALL ESTIMATES (free for new doors), INSTALLATIONS and REPAIRS BY UNIFORMED SERVICE TECHS (not subcontractors!) IN MARKED SERVICE TRUCKS. Our phone number and address appears on our trucks. We have been using a uniform service since 1998.

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Complete sales, service, installation & repair of residential & commercial overhead garage doors, garage door electric openers, garage door torsion springs, remote controls, keyless entry in Rogers Park (Chicago) IL and surrounding communities.

Torsion Springs - Replacement and Conversion

Torsion spring Fast, efficient and FAIR pricing for garage door torsion spring replacement and extension spring to torsion spring conversions in Rogers Park (Chicago) IL and surrounding communities. High cycle torsion springs (20,000 cycles+) are not an upgrade but standard at Garage Door Co Repair Pros.
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Garage Doors

We sell residential and commercial garage doors (WOOD, STEEL, GLASS, FULL VIEW, ALUMINUM, INSULATED, CARVED, FIBERGLASS, COMPOSITE, MASONITE, CARRIAGE HOUSE, STANDARD LIFT, HI-LIFT, VERTICAL LIFT, FOLLOW THE ROOF, etc) from most major manufacturers including Amarr, CHI, Clopay, Genie, Haas, Hormann, Ideal, Overhead, Plycraft,Wayne-Dalton in Rogers Park (Chicago) IL and surrounding communities. We do NOT sell or service rolling steel garage doors (into a canister) or rolling grilles (into a canister).

We provide FREE onsite estimates for new garage doors in the Rogers Park (Chicago) area.

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We have owners manuals and repair instructions for literally hundreds of garage doors, garage door openers, keyless entry systems, in car remotes, and remote transmitters by most industry vendors. These manuals are provided in PDF format FREE of charge with our complements via email download link. Be assured we will not sell or spam your email address! See our privacy policy for details.

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