GDCORP now accepting Text SMS and MMS on main office phones

Garage Door Co Repair Pros is glad to announce that our main office landline phones can accept text messages (either SMS or MMS) as of 03/20/2017. Although we have had SMS text messaging only on one of our alternate lines for several years it required the use of a different phone number. That service provider would only accept SMS but not MMS (ie no pictures). We regularly get calls from customers who would like to send a picture of the part they need or door condition etc. Previously we would have to have them sent as email.

Our BLOG - moved to on 02/15/2016

Our Blog on garage doors and openers has been migrated to our primary website as of 2/15/2016. We have found that although having the blog on our dedicated server (Wordpress) was good for the past it was time to integrate it with our expanding primary website. This will allow users to search all content including literature, FAQ's, owners manuals, service bulletins, AND blog entries from one place.

Our website updated to HTML5/CSS3 with WCAG 2.0 standards

In an effort to support newer mobile devices and improve the user experience we have updated our website to HTML5 / CSS3 with WCAG 2.0 standards. We have validated our pages against the latest standards as HTML5 is still evolving. Many of our detail pages were previously reformatted for mobile phones.

Garage Door Corp BLOG moved to our servers

We are glad to share our recent website changes to enhance usability on mobile devices and improve security. We have migrated our BLOG ( to our own servers from If you experience any issues please let us know. Please note that all comments are reviewed before being approved to reduce spam.

Please advise if you feel that your comment was not posted in a timely manner - it may have been caught by our spam filters.

Garage Door Corp website becoming even more mobile friendly

We are glad to share our recent website changes to enhance usability on mobile devices. We are migrating many of our web pages to ones which are very mobile friendly - ie load fast, less graphics, formatted for narrower screens and W3C compliant for mobile 1.2. These pages will allow users to "click to call" from their Android or Apple mobile devices. All pages have a link to our desktop / full website and the desktop sites have a link at the top of the page to our mobile site.


IT notice - postgresql 9.0.3 upgrade complete

Our primary and secondary data servers have been updated from postgreSQL 8.4.3 to 9.0.3  - this is a major upgrade and required a reload of all data in the new file format - our accounting and information systems (AIMS) is online and has been updated similarly. Please advise the webmaster of any technical or usage problems which arise.

A number of security improvements have been made but your previous login credentials should be functioning.

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