Our Blog on garage doors and openers blog.gdcorp.com has been migrated to our primary website www.gdcorp.com/blog as of 2/15/2016. We have found that although having the blog on our dedicated server (Wordpress) was good for the past it was time to integrate it with our expanding primary website. This will allow users to search all content including literature, FAQ's, owners manuals, service bulletins, AND blog entries from one place.

Our migration of the primary website to Drupal in mid 2015 has resulted in better on-site searching and the page loading performance has been improved tremendously. These same improvements result in a page loading time of less than half of the old Wordpress blog and far less url requests per page (down from 28 to 8 which is especially good for mobile devices). All old links should be mapping to the new site (simply replace blog.gdcorp.com with www.gdcorp.com/blog and append the blog item name as it was previously).

Searching of over 2300 pages (as indexed by google) is available from the top MENU bar under SEARCH for all content and is updated in real time.

Let us know what you think or if you are experiencing any problems with the site. Please note that all comments are moderated. Our comment spam filtering approach has changed in order to reduce content spam attempts.

Garage Door Co Repair Pros provides garage doors, garage door electric openers, spring replacement, keyless entry and remote controls in the N/NW Chicago and suburbs. Please contact us for assistance with any of your garage door needs.