Liftmaster MyQ 13+ hour outage due to power failure 06/07/2018 really?

Garage Door Co Repair Pros has received numerous customer calls regarding the MyQ outage which occurred 06/07/2018 and lasted until 06/08/2018. In fact our own MyQ openers began failing at 1340 CDT 6/07/2018. Liftmaster reported on 06/07/2018 at 1656 CDT via email that they were aware of the problem and subsequently issued the comment below to explain the problem:  

Liftmaster 8550w wi-fi serial numbers not recognized by MyQ servers 02/2016

Garage Door Co Repair Pros has now had several Liftmaster model 8550w Myq belt drive with battery backup and wi-fi which are not recognized by the Liftmaster MyQ servers. The problem is that when a customer tries to setup MyQ for smart phone access (Android, IPhone, browser) one of the first steps after creating the online account is to enter your MyQ serial number. The Liftmaster server reports that it does not recognize the serial number entered. After checking with Liftmaster support in Tucson, AZ it was determined that this is a known problem which they are trying to resolve.

Liftmaster MyQ outage and false push notifications 04/28/2015

Garage Door Co Repair Pros has received numerous customer calls regarding the MyQ false push notifications 4/28/15. Liftmaster reported on 4/28/15 via email that they were aware of the problem and subsequently issued the comment below to explain the problem: website not secure on newer browsers due to SHA-1

Don't be surprised if you visit "" which redirects to "" and you do not get a SSL padlock in your browser. We noticed recently that Chrome and Firefox have now implemented the long stated policy of not accepting as secure any website using SHA-1 if the SSL certificate expires after 2015. Liftmaster is using SSA-1 which is being deprecated and their SSL certificate expires in 2017. This certificate was issued 07/2014 after it was well documented that SHA-256 needed to be used! Come on guys it is time to get with the program.

Intercontinental Dynamics ESP Micom garage door remotes

Garage Door Co Repair Pros receives calls on a regular basis from customers seeking a new remote for their Intercontinental Dynamics ESP Micom remote control transmitter (usually model T-9) and occasionally a M-9 receiver. The manufacturer has been out of business for over 20 years. There has been one after market clone transmitter but we have found it to be highly unreliable and poor quality. The universal remote controls (ie Clicker Corporation or Liftmaster 385LM) will NOT work with an ESP Micom receiver.

Liftmaster chain drives too noisy - models 1st qtr 2014 - SOLVED

Garage Door Co Repair Pros has been advised that some LiftMaster garage door openers (models 1355, 3255, 3270, and 3265-267) manufactured between January and March, 2014 may be generating a higher amount of sound than normal from the powerhead. LiftMaster testing has shown that only a small percentage of these garage door openers vibrate more than LiftMaster finds acceptable. To correct this issue, LiftMaster has designed and tested a Chassis Bracket which an installer can attach to a unit that they determine is experiencing above normal sound levels.

Should I use aftermarket or OEM gears in my garage door opener?

Every year about this time we see a sharp increase in the number of drive gear and sprocket failures in garage door openers. We have customers asking "Can I get just the large plastic gear by itself?" Most of these customers have seen "cheap" aftermarket gears on the internet. Many of these gears are made in Venezuela or other aftermarket sources and include just the large gear and not the drive gear on the motor shaft. These will work for awhile but if put any value on your time you should always change both gears at the same time and be sure to lubricate them well.

Liftmaster / Chamberlain parts price increase 04/01/2012

We have received notice dated 03/01/2012 that Chamberlain the manufacturer of Liftmaster garage door openers and and private labeled openers sold by Sears under the Craftsman name as well as Chamberlain DIY systems has announced they are raising replacement parts pricing approx 5% effective 04/01/2012. Garage Door Co Repair Pros is still making pricing adjustments but expects to pass along most of this price increase.

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