Garage Door Co Repair Pros receives calls on a regular basis from customers seeking a new remote for their Intercontinental Dynamics ESP Micom remote control transmitter (usually model T-9) and occasionally a M-9 receiver. The manufacturer has been out of business for over 20 years. There has been one after market clone transmitter but we have found it to be highly unreliable and poor quality. The universal remote controls (ie Clicker Corporation or Liftmaster 385LM) will NOT work with an ESP Micom receiver. Although a replacement receiver and transmitter kit had been offered in the past, customers with these extremely old garage door opener systems should have them replaced with one that complies with UL325 safety guidelines.

The UL325 has been the standard for over 21 years and all garage door opener manufacturers must comply for systems to be sold in the United States. Due to a lack of the required safety systems any garage door opener which has the ESP Micom controls should be replaced. Although customers can continue to use the old systems it would be irresponsible for any garage door professional to supply new remote controls for such a system. Although Garage Door Co Repair Pros has receivers and transmitters available for commercial applications we do not supply these controls to replace an ESP Micom radio control system on a residential garage door. In fact we have not supplied the replacement for many years. Homeowners who are trying to save money should purchase a new garage door opener system (available at the large home centers) and either install it themselves (DIY) or pay to have it installed. We recommend garage door systems manufactured by Chamberlain which include the professional Lift Master series or the DIY products under the Chamberlain or Sears Craftsmen name.

Customers located in the Chicago, IL and suburbs can purchase a professional Lift Master system from Garage Door Co Repair Pros by visiting our website at . Outside this area homeowners should contact a local garage door professional.


Dorothy Washington (not verified) Mon, 02/09/2015 - 21:25

Remote control don't work.