Thank you Skokie Public Works

It was a month ago when we were all buried in snow. We should all take a moment to thank the workers who got the streets and alleys accessible - in Skokie the Skokie Public Works employees did a great job considering the record snow fall. The alley behind our shop was plowed and salted numerous times by the Village and even some local residents.

Clear snow from alley when requesting service

We all know that there was record snowfall in the Chicago area last week. What is truly amazing are those customers who have an alley garage and request service to their garage door even though there is not a chance of getting a service vehicle down the alley. This is especially true within the city of Chicago but is happening to a lesser extent in the suburbs.  We had a customer with over 3 feet of snow in the alley and wondered why we could not service their door. Please clear the snow before scheduling a service call or installation. Thanks.

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