Garage Door Co Repair Pros has learned that finally a major door manufacturer is offering a factory pre-painted commercial  black garage door. Amarr announced in the dealer memo below that it will offer the commercial model 2400 ribbed garage door in factory black color beginning 02/03/2014. This is in addition to our previous post on the residential garage doors being offered by Amarr in black. Although there is a modest upcharge for this color it is far less than the cost to have a metal garage door painted in the field. Garage Door Co Repair Pros has painted numerous garage doors black in the past with very good success. Doors in the Chicago are which are black face east, west and north. We have not provided one facing south.

Commercial Black Now Available in Model 2400 Memo 14-14 February 3, 2014 Amarr is pleased to announce the addition of a new color - Commercial Black - to the Commercial Model 2400 effective 2/3/14. The Model 2400 will continue to be available in Commercial White and Commercial Brown. Please note that Commercial Black is different than the Residential Black. Color samples will be available to order through Source4 (for Platinum and Gold dealers only) or your local Door Center on 3/3/14. Commercial Black sections will have a list price upcharge of $1.17 per square foot. Your specific price upcharge is determined by your dealer multiplier. WebCat will include this price upcharge beginning 2/3/14. Commercial Black will be added to and Amarr Express on 2/3/14. The Model 2400 brochure will be updated at next reprint, expected to be summer 2014. If you have any questions, please contact your Sales Manager or Door Center.

For those customers in the Chicago, IL area wanting to purchase a black garage door (or to have a door painted a custom color) please contact us via our website at for details and pricing.

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