Garage Door Co Repair Pros is starting to receive price increase notices from its suppliers.

Wayne-Dalton has announced a 4.5% increase on residential and commercial sectional garage doors effective on orders placed 01/27/2014 and later.  The lase price increase was 05/02/2012. This came as a memo dated 09/27/2013 from C. Preston Bowen.

Amarr has announced a significant price increase expected for beginning of January 2014. Amarr's last increase was 5% effective 04/30/2012. Although the exact increase is not expected to be disclosed for 30 to 45 days per the Dealer Memo dated 10/10/2013 by Lyle Symons who is VP of Sales and Marketing, Amarr.

Clopay has not announced any increase yet but is expected to follow suit in the near future. Their last increase was 4.75% on 05/07/2012.

These vendors are citing material costs, especially steel, increased wage costs,  the annual cost increases associated with running a business, and the Affordable Health Care Act as the reason to need the price increase.

We will honor proposals written prior to the manufacturers price increase for the time indicated at the bottom of the proposal (usually 45 days). Please contact us with any questions about how this may effect a proposal we have provided for your project.

Garage Door Co Repair Pros is still making pricing adjustments but expects to pass along most of this price increase.

This will affect garage doors & parts sold in the Chicago, IL area as well as out of area requests. Please check our website at for further details.