Garage Door Co Repair Pros has been advise by Amarr (see below) that all medium woodgrain and dark woodgrain have been discontinued effective 6/21/2013. We have confirmed that replacement sections will NOT be available. Amarr is moving to a new dual direction woodgrain (similar concept to Clopay Ultragrain) moving forward. The new product is not available for order until the dates shown in the chart below.

Woodgrain Status Update – 6.21.13

Memo 52-13 June 21, 2013 Effective immediately, Amarr is out of inventory of the following products:
  • Stratford 3000 and Oak Summit 3000 18" and 21" Medium Woodgrain product
  • Stratford 3000 and Oak Summit 3000 18" Dark Woodgrain product
The chart below summarizes Amarr’s current Medium Woodgrain and Dark Woodgrain product availability and the begin order dates for the newly announced dual-directional woodgrain product. ** chart no longer available per Amarr**
We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. A faster-than-expected depletion of certain existing woodgrain inventory and a lag in the new dual-directional product development and has impacted Amarr’s scheduled transition from the existing Medium Woodgrain and Dark Woodgrain product to the new dual-directional woodgrain product. Throughout the coming weeks, we will continue to keep you updated on the status of existing woodgrain product availability and the dual-directional woodgrain transition.

Anyone who has seen the samples of the new dual direction please post your comments. Literature for the full Amarr garage door product line is available on our website at