The recent flooding in the Chicago area (especially near our Park Ridge, IL office) has damaged many garage door safety eyes (aka ir sensors). These sensors are mounted on both sides of the garage door opening and within 6 inches of the floor. All openers manufactured after 01/2003 are required to have these sensors per UL325. They are designed to reduce entrapment risks by sending an infrared light beam from one side of the garage opening to the other. If the sensors are not working properly then the garage door opener will NOT close from a remote control. The user must hold their finger on the wall control the entire time to get the door to close. If the sensors get flooded with water they should be replaced. In some cases waiting for them to dry will be sufficient.

If you are located in our regular service area of the N/NW Chicago and suburbs and have a service need please contact us.

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At this time we have suspended sales of the safety sensors to non-local customers to preserve inventory for those affected in our service area. We can provide the sensors installed or DIY.

For alignment and adjustment information either see our website or this blog entry Safety eye information