With the excessive heat in the Chicago area it is important to not run your garage door opener excessively. Residential garage door openers are not designed to be used multiple times consecutively without overheating. In order to meet UL safety requirements your garage door opener (mfg after 1980) should contain an automatic thermal overload in the motor. If the motor is run too many times in a short period of time the thermal overload cuts in and turns off the power to the motor. Once the motor has cooled below the threshold the system will automatically reset - no reset button to push.

When it is very hot some garage door openers can overheat with just a few cycles within a 15 minute period. If you are making adjustments or repairs to your garage door opener be careful that you do not overheat you system.

If you see smoke coming from your garage door opener this usually means that the motor starting capacitor has gotten too hot and the capacitor will need to be replaced (even if the system seems to work after it cools down). You should unplug the garage door opener, and work the door manually to allow the smoke to dissipate. The system should be checked by a professional to be sure that the chemicals which were in the smoke have not damaged other components (especially the logic board).  We do not recommend using the garage door opener until the system has been inspected by a professional and the necessary parts repaired or replaced.

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Hanson Overhea… (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 23:05

Dang. Being from Reno, there's rarely ever a time it gets hot enough for our openers to catch fire, but I bet the folks in Las Vegas share that problem, too.