In order to prevent damage (rusting) caused by foreign matter adhering to the garage door, the door should be cleaned at least twice a year (normal environments) or 4 times a year (coastal environments). The garage door may need to be cleaned more frequently if road salt accumulates in a winter climate. The garage door should be wiped down with a mild household detergent and rinsed with clear water.

Note: Be sure to clean behind stop molding on the sides and top of the door.

Waxing of the garage door is recommended for coastal and harsh environments. Select a good quality car wax and apply according to the manufacturers instructions. Waxing should be applied twice a year immediately after cleaning.

Most of our customers in the Chicago, IL area rarely, if ever, clean their garage doors but those who take this extra step can significantly improve the appearance and life of their garage door. The above instructions are courtesy of Clopay Garage Doors and can be found in the instruction manuals on our website at