Safety tip: garage door wall control mounted too low?

Is your garage door wall control panel mounted five feet above the floor?

SAFETY TIP: Children playing with the garage door wall control panels of your automatic garage door opener can lead to accidents that might cause either personal injury or property damage. We recommend that you educate your child about the potential dangers of playing with the wall control panel. As an added safety measure, we recommend mounting your garage door wall control panel at least five feet above the floor, out of the reach of young children.

Safety tip: check your garage door reversing mechanism

Does the residential garage door opener have a reversing mechanism and is it in working order?

SAFETY TIP: A faulty or improperly adjusted reversing mechanism on your garage door opener could cause damage to your car or even injure a child or pet that inadvertently gets caught in the way of the closing door. All garage door openers manufactured and installed after 1981 are required to have a reversing mechanism. Many of these can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer.

Safety tip: check the springs on your garage door

Have you checked the spring on your garage door ?

SAFETY TIP: Beware of old springs. Keep in mind that garage door springs are tightly wound and under high tension. Eventually, all springs will wear out and break. A breaking spring that is not properly contained could lash out and strike property or people. If you have an older garage door, be certain your springs are inspected and replaced by a professional installer if needed. If your door has two springs, replace both, even if one is not broken.

Safety tip: Check for frayed garage door cables

Are there any frayed or worn strips hanging loose from the spring system of your garage door?

SAFETY TIP: If the cables that attach from the spring system to the bottom bracket on either side of your garage door have frayed or worn strips hanging loose, your cables are in danger of breaking, which could cause serious injury or property damage. Have the cables inspected immediately by a trained professional who is aware of the potential dangers from spring tension.

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