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We provide garage door sales, service & installation N/NW Chicago and Suburban IL Skokie based - NOT a franchise Fast & fair torsion spring, gears, garage door & opener repair

Does your garage door opener have bad gears in the N/NW Chicago and suburban area? If you hear the garage door motor running but the chain or belt is not moving then there is a very good chance the the plastic gears in the garage door motor unit are stripped or cracked. For residential garage door openers manufactured by Chamberlain - including Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Sears / Craftsman, Access Master the cost to replace the gear and sprocket assembly (includes both plastic gears, output shaft, sprocket for chain or belt, bushings and lube ie 41C4220A, 41C4885-2, 41C4885-5) in the N/NW Chicago and suburban area is ONLY $145. This cost includes general maintenance (tune-up) etc. As long as your opener was manufactured after 1992 and has the ir safety beams near the garage floor on both sides of the garage door opening then the gear and sprocket replacement is usually justified.

We sell the gear kits for do it yourself (DIY) installation. If you wish to change the gears yourself see the instructions below for assistance. If the garage door has not been professionally serviced in over a year you might be better to let us provide professional service and safety inspection. Replacement of gears requires resetting the travel limits and safety reverse adjustment and testing.