Garage Door Co Repair Pros has received an official announcement from Liftmaster (by Chamberlain) that the model 3280 1/2hp belt drive garage door opener has been discontinued. Rumors of this have been circulating for awhile but as seen below it is not official. In a move towards expanding the MyQ product line Liftmaster has replaced the model 3280 with the model 8355 which is a 1/2 hp belt drive with MyQ. The model 3280 was our most popular model since it was quieter than the chain drive (ie model 3255 or 3265) and was priced competitively. We expect Liftmaster to have a promotional price for the 8355 beginning very soon and long term pricing to be approximately $15 higher than the pricing of the 3280.

The new model 8355 will provide the full MyQ benefits including improved radio control range and reduced interference, timer to close feature, smart wall console, and easier adjustments. On the negative side, many customers with a built in remote control in their car either Homelink or Car2U will need a repeater module which has an additional cost. This is true for many vehicles 2011 and older.

You can read our blog discussion of this which was originally posted in 2011 by following this link: The repeaters are now available and appear to work reliably.

It should be noted that unlike the other MyQ models 8360 and 8550 the new 8355 is NOT available with the Evercharge battery backup system. If you want a battery backup you need the 8360 belt drive. The 8360 is also quieter since it uses a dc motor with variable speed. The Liftmaster notice follows:  

Letter Header
Product Update
Date: 4/24/2013
Subject: 3280 Discontinuance - Replaced by 8355
Models Affected: 3280
Effective immediately, LiftMaster® Garage Door Opener model 3280 is no longer available. The 3280 will be replaced with the new 8355, available now.
The 8355 includes everything you expected of the 3280 - powerful and reliable 1/2 HP AC motor, belt drive, backed by a lifetime motor and belt warranty. The 8355 also includes several innovations that simplify the installation process and make the model more appealing to your customers.
  • MyQ® technology enables customers to open, close or monitor their garage door from a smart phone, tablet or PC
  • Security+ 2.0 for reduced interference and improved range
  • Maintenance alert lets customers know when their opener is due for service
  • Electronic limit setting for simpler, faster installation
  • Auto force setting virtually eliminates nuisance callbacks due to force changes or maladjustments
  • Corrugated packaging which eliminated EPS foam and makes disposal of packaging easier
  • Comes standard with 893LM 3-button remote control and an 882LM Control Panel

Literature will be posted on our website as soon as we receive the new electronic pdf files from Liftmaster. Parts and accessories are expected to remain available for the 3280 model for quite some time. Please post your comments and feedback


David (not verified) Wed, 05/08/2013 - 17:56

Liftmaster is shooting themselves in the foot by doing this. Why take their most successful unit and discontinue it specially knowing the replacement unit won't function with older vehicles universal remotes. I've installed thousands of the 3280's but i won't touch the MyQ stuff. Not until it is backwards compatible.

Frederic barcia (not verified) Sat, 08/03/2013 - 12:08

I have brand new 3280cm-267 1/2 HP from garage package i install that model to my garage after i installed it work for several open and closed and after that i open again using remote and main switch there no responded in the opener what is the problem of this opener and i read that this model is discontinued pls. Help me if this still under warranty or can be replaced by your new model because mine is discontinued.

gdcorp Sat, 08/03/2013 - 12:18

Frederic: We are not the manufacturer of the Liftmaster opener. The model you have has a one year mfg parts warranty. Did you follow the troubleshooting information in the owners manual? A copy of the United States version for the 3280lm is available on our website in English at (look under instructions). Since you are in Canada I am not sure where to direct you but look on the back cover of your owners manual for the contact information for your system. You may wish to visit to find a local dealer.

Frederic barcia (not verified) Tue, 08/06/2013 - 00:42

Ok thank you very much for your info. May be i will inform the northland home hardware because i get all my garage package to northland

Jim McCarthy (not verified) Thu, 01/30/2014 - 19:42

Im on on third garage door opener in 7 days. Im having trouble with the remotes as well as the key pads. Is it possible that my home Wifi is causing a problem with signals. I have the liftmaster 8335 currently installed