This week many of are customers in the Chicago area are on spring break. If you are going to be out of town and NOT using your garage door you may consider unplugging the motor unit from the outlet on the ceiling in the garage. This will prevent anyone from using the garage door in your absence. You can also use the mechanical slide lock on the inside of your garage door (if equipped) to act as a deadbolt lock. Be sure that you disconnect the power before using the manual lock to prevent damage to the door or garage door opener upon your return if you forget that you locked the door.

An alternative for approach is to use the "lock" or "vacation" switch on your wall control inside the garage. This will turn off remote control access. It should be noted that on LIftmaster, Chamberlain and Sears garage door openers that the "lock" switch does NOT disable an outside wireless keyless entry.  We recommend unplugging the unit for better security as described above.

Instructions for many garage door openers are on our website instructions here and search for your model opener.

If you cannot resolve the problem yourself and are located in our service area we can schedule a service call just phone us at 847-329-8300.