Garage Door Co Repair Pros will be providing emergency service only on 07/04/2012 in observance of the Independence Day (July 4th) holiday. We  encourage everyone to take a moment to reflect on our founding fathers and the meaning on the holiday. In these tough times for many it is good to remember our freedoms, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Although many politicians will be in parades there are too many of them (both local and national) that need to read our Constitution and Bill of Rights to remember that they represent US not their own personal interests. This comment is directed to members of all political parties. Many of our founding fathers would be disgusted with the road our politicians have taken.

Garage Door Co Repair Pros will resume regular service at 0700 CDT on Thursday 07/05/2012.  Our service area is N/NW Chicago and suburbs.  

Have a safe and happy holiday.