This week many of our customers will celebrate Good Friday & Easter or Passover. While some of our customers may think it is not pc (politically correct) to speak of these days we feel that everyone should be able to accept others holidays. An example of the pc going too far came the other day from Clopay Garage Doors when we received our annual fax advising us that their distribution centers (and corporate offices) would be closed on Friday April 6, 2012 for "Spring Break Day". Even when Passover and Good Friday do not occur on the same day Clopay has decided to be pc when it is not necessary. In contrast our local bank Park Ridge Community Bank is much wiser by posting notes indicating " REMINDER: The bank will close at noon on April 6, in observance of Good Friday. Happy Easter!" Garage Door Co Repair Pros will be providing service as normal - Phone calls 7am to 6pm and 24hr emergency garage door service in the Chicago and N/W suburban IL area. HAPPY EASTER - HAVE A "GOOD FRIDAY" & A HAPPY PASSOVER - AND REMEMBER YOU CAN MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!