The new Liftmaster models 8550 & 8360 require Homelink version 4 in your car in order to accept the signal from your built in car remote. Many cars 2009 and newer meet this requirement. However many of our customers have cars prior to 2009 which will require an adapter module from Liftmaster to work with these new systems - this adapter is NOT yet available. We are currently advising customers with older Homelink cars to wait on the purchase of the new systems until we can provide the adapter to work with your car.

Since the new MyQ series Liftmaster garage door openers use different remotes (and different frequency) some accessories are still not available. We will be providing the opner systems and accessories to our local customers (N/NW Chicago & suburbs) only during the initial roll-out of these products.

Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.


James (not verified) Sun, 09/04/2011 - 09:54

I am a door and opener installer. I installed one of these new openers (LM8550) This would not program to a 2010 BMW X5. I am stunned that Chamberlain would make a product with such a major oversight. I will not sell these new models (8xxx series LM) until the problem is fixed. much of my time was wasted attempting to program this homelink, i had to give an extra remote for free. Real nice how much i bragged and talked about this new opener, just to find it has this MAJOR flaw.

James Mason (not verified) Sun, 09/04/2011 - 10:01

hey Lift Master- your new opener(s) are not Homelink compatible. So quit lying. So everyone needs to go buy a new 2012 vehicle to make it work with the new 8550? Nice engineering. I have always liked lift master, but this opener is more like a Genie in my opinion. Don't release a new product until it actually works. "making access EASIER" is your motto. Well, since you cannot program the homelink to this new op, you are actually "making access difficult" lmao We all know Genie Exelerator is garbage. Please don;t let that happen to your new products. Maybe you could include some note about this in the instructions? DUH.

gdcorp Sun, 09/04/2011 - 13:07

James -- This was our concern when we checked with Liftmaster about Homelink problem. We have been assured that the "repeater" will be available soon but have no actually dates and we have not gotten a sample for testing yet. Our post was an attempt to help others realize that there is a very critical problem with these new systems.

shopxtreme (not verified) Thu, 09/08/2011 - 11:37

Very much helpful topic sir, i like that and i want to say that i am totally agree with you.

Tassilyn (not verified) Tue, 09/13/2011 - 22:44

This site is like a clssaorom, except I don't hate it. lol

LiftMaster (not verified) Wed, 09/14/2011 - 10:55

Hi, folks! There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding HomeLink compatibility with the new Security+ 2.0 technology. I'd like to encourage all of you to visit the link provided below and take a look at the LiftMaster Service Bulletin regarding the HomeLink repeater mentioned in this blog. The repeater is available now at Tech Support at the number mentioned on the Service Bulletin. homelink-repeater-kit-for-liftmaster-models-8360-8550/221439917914472 As always, we appreciate the feedback from our LiftMaster community and we stand behind our dealers all the way. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions at

Kaylea (not verified) Wed, 09/14/2011 - 13:37

That saves me. Thanks for being so senislbe!

Matt Landolfi (not verified) Thu, 09/22/2011 - 06:14

I just installed the LM 8550 and the homelink works fine in my 2011 vehicle. The opener was easy to install, and is super-quiet. Best opener on the market.

J S (not verified) Thu, 10/27/2011 - 18:11

I had an 8360 installed recently and am not able to program it to our 2010 Subaru. However, it works in our 2012 Audi. I called the number on the Facebook page and the woman I spoke to at Homelink was friendly enough, but told me neither car qualified for the free repeater. I'm now searching around for the cheapest repeater I can find online, having already spent $550 to have the opener installed. So just be aware that although the facebook page says "most vehicles 2006 and newer" does not mean all of them.

Very Disappointed (not verified) Tue, 12/27/2011 - 21:29

To advertise model #349544 as homelink-compatible is borderline fraudulent when it requires a $50 repeater accessory to work with most vehicles. Why is there not a software setting to disable Security 2+ to enable the opener to be backwards compatible? Do HomeLink and Chamberlain have a joint partnership is selling the repeater? This is just disgracefaul and taints an otherwise truly excellent product. And why was it too troublesome for Chamberlain to note this "minor" detail in the instructions so customers wouldn't squander hours trying to program their "obsolete" (2006) Homelink-equipped vehicles?

Derek (not verified) Thu, 01/05/2012 - 18:35

This is all very timely and enlightening. I am supposed to get the LM8550 installed tomorrow morning. And I have a 2000 Acura with Homelink. So obviously based on what's been written, i would have had problems if i had proceeded. - NOT going to happen now. At least not with Liftmaster.

Casey Richwine (not verified) Thu, 01/12/2012 - 14:03

The problem isn't with Liftmaster guys. I'm a dealer in Kansas and we had meetings with LM reps today about the new models and the homelink issue. As they explained to us....some of the 2009+ models will work. However, some vehicles in those years weren't necessarily built with "homelink." Some had a different system installed. The repeater will fix the issues with homelink but not with the other system. I believe the other system was referred to as "click to open," or something similar. My attention was brought to the issue when installing the 8550 in my home and not being able to program my 2009 Chevy to the opener. The problem with the other system never being able to be programmed to the 8550 is due to the system's manufacturer not paying liftmaster for the rights to be included on the usage of their products. Liftmaster sued this company over the money issue. They were going to put out a repeater for the system, but due to the non-payment for rights, they never developed a repeater to make it compatible with the 8500 series. If any of this info is incorrect, liftmaster can feel free to correct me. I hope I haven't confused anyone moreso than they already are. Yes Liftmaster should have designed the new ops a little better to be compatible with back models like the optional transmitters are on the new models, but they could have never foreseen the issue with car manufacturers using a "cheaper" version of homelink that wouldn't pay for rights to work with the new 8500 series openers.

Casey Richwine (not verified) Thu, 01/12/2012 - 14:14

On another note, to the person that said these openers are no better than genie.....I'm shocked, and apparently that person is deaf as anyone can be. This new series of Liftmaster has made openers more controllable through the smartphone, more secure through the options available and more "budget friendly" through upgradable options. Liftmaster has again made the already exceptional system, more homeowner pleasable and usable. I applaud them for being so technical with the gateway and with the in-home light control options. This can only lead to more technology being put into the garage door business. Lets hope they can get the gateways to be able to in-home security cameras like I hear they are working on.

Fran (not verified) Wed, 01/18/2012 - 12:11

I just had the 8550 installed only to find out that it is not compatible with my 2005 model car. The seller of the product had to have known about this problem but did not tell me. Homelink says it's not their problem and Chamberlain wants to charge for the repeater. The installer told me to just use the remote. THIS IS JUST PLAIN WRONG.

gdcorp Wed, 01/18/2012 - 15:44

Fran: I can assure you that GDCORP did not install your new system as we warn all customers about this problem prior to accepting an order for these new systems. We are still awaiting the 855LM Homelink repeater module which should solve this problem (be it at an additional cost) as long as your incar system is Homelink but have not been able to purchase any from LiftMasster since we began trying last October.

Fernando (not verified) Fri, 01/20/2012 - 11:44

All, I had purchased the Chamberlain 3/4-HP MyQ Belt Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup (Liftmaster 8550 equivalent) from Lowes a few weeks back. Worked great, but could not get it to program into both Homelinks (2004 and 2005 Toyotas) we have. So I took it down and returned it. Went and purchased a Genie that turned out to be a dud. So now that I'm pondering repurchasing the Chamberlain, I called their support number and was transferred to the Homelink personnel in Arizona. Talked with a nice lady who went ahead and waived the purchase fee for the repeater, though I did pay for S&H ($7.00). She did state that the repeaters are currently back order until the 28th of January.

gdcorp Fri, 01/20/2012 - 11:54

Fernando: I spoke with Chamberlain customer service this morning and while I was on the phone the back order date was changed for 01/16/2012 to the 01/28/2012. It should be noted that we have been unable to obtain the repeaters either from Chamberlain directly (we are an authorized dealer) or through other distribution channels since our original post about the new systems last October. I am awaiting a reply from our sales rep as to what the real inventory status is on these modules. I have yet to find anyone who has received the module!

Fernando (not verified) Fri, 01/20/2012 - 13:14

Here is the email response I got after speaking with the representative: Dear Fernando Thank you for contacting HomeLink. Following is a recap of our conversation. If you need further technical support please reference Incident number (Reference Number xxxxxx) when contacting us so we may assist you further. Question -How do I program to my Homelink? Answer -The repeaters are on backorder until 01/28/12 and will be delivered within 5-7 business days after that date. Your order number is 00000000. Thank you for choosing Homelink. I hope this will resolve your programming issue. If you need further assistance, please provide a good time to call you or you can reply via email. Please visit us at out website Thank you for choosing Homelink Sincerely, Homelink Product Support

Fernando (not verified) Sat, 01/28/2012 - 01:21

All, I got the Homelink repeater today and went ahead and installed the Chamberlain HD920EV I got from Home Depot this evening. I assembled it and got it working on the ground just in case this Homelink repeater thing didn't work out. I followed the instructions that came with the repeater and thank goodness it worked. I went ahead and removed the Genie 1500 that I've had to return previously and installed the Chamberlain. Once everything was installed, programming the Homelink buttons in the vehicles was easy. Something I noticed: The repeater instructions state that you should program your Homelink buttons with the included one button remote prior to plugging in the repeater itself. Well, I did it before and after with no ill effects. Also, the Homelink programs with a rolling code from the repeater remote. This was a concern as I did not know if the signal from the Homelink to the repeater was going to be either rolling code (encrypted) or plain (non encrypted). When you press the Homelink button, it flashes quickly in rolling code mode (310Mhz vice 315 or 390MHz). For those of you waiting for it to arrive, hope you get it soon.

Bruce C. (not verified) Sun, 03/18/2012 - 10:38

My wife and I both have Harley Davidsons with Harley Davidson Garage door open/close units in our bikes that send a signal to a receiver in the garage that connects to the "bell terminals" on the opener unit. I found out AFTER I purchased the "My Q" opener unit that it would not accepy ANY commection other than the "MY Q" control panel. My 2006 Buick Lucerne would NOT program either.No mention of that anywhere on the package. WTF??? I am all for better technology, but it should be backwards compatible with older things!

John (not verified) Wed, 04/04/2012 - 12:04

I just purchased and had the LM 8550 installed had professionlly and then just found out that the homelink on my car is not compatable with the opener. I have a 2009 infiniti G37 and called homelink and they said it is not on theeir list. I called LM and they told me that they do not have the repeater kit and to call Homrlink for the free kit if my car is on the list? This is like passing the buck and I think it boils down to letting people know there is an issue with the homelink system in the first place so people can have a choice instead of sucking them into getting one of these openers to find out they are not compatile.

George N. (not verified) Tue, 05/22/2012 - 06:09

I just had the LiftMaster 8360 installed, $437 later I learn that neither of my 2006 vehicles, GMC Sierra Denali and Audi S4, qualify for the free repeater after calling HOMELINK. It will cost $50 plus shipping for the repeater. It clearly states that the 8360 is HOMELINK compatible on LiftMaster's website. There is no asterisk noting that it is not compatible with some vehicles which I believe to be borderline false advertising. I called LiftMaster (Chamberlain) customer support, 1-800-528-9131, and the representative was very helpful. She is sending me a FREE repeater kit so that my HOMELINK will work in the vehicles. It was frustrating but at least this is a reputable company and they are taking care of me as a customer. Also the door openers with a yellow program or learn button will not work with vehicles with the Lear Car2U openers, they look the same as the HOMELINK, the difference is the manufacturer and the HOMELINK has one LED light above all three buttons and the Lear has three lights with one above each button. The HOMELINK learns the code from the Garage Door Opener transmitter. The Lear does not learn the code, it uses it's own code. There is a repeater at for sale with these vehicles, ie my 2012 GMC Sierra 4X4, which is not compatible with the LM 8360. This Lear repeater is $24.99 plus s&h. I am sure I will buy one of these sooner or later, but not right now. And I was told today that the MyQ has a service fee, but I have yet to find the cost.

George N. (not verified) Tue, 05/22/2012 - 06:14

I was provide the repeater for the HomeLink by Chamberlain because of the wording. I was also told that the repeater made by Chamberlain for the Lear Car2U was made by Chamberlain and would cost $24.99 plus shipping. I am sure they will not provide me with both.

Joseph Valdez (not verified) Wed, 05/30/2012 - 23:55

Today, 30 May 2012 I had a Garage Door company come out and replace my Garage door opener. I told the young man that I had a 2012 Mercedes E350 and a 2012 Lexus RX 350 both with Homelink, but before he told me what he had to offer I wanted him to verify before install that the unit would be compatible with both vehicles like my old Genie PowerMAx2. He called homelink and he was told that LiftMaster model 8550 Belt Drive would work. He installed it in a hour and tried for two hours to get it to link up with my new Lexus and gave up and left telling to call Lexus. I called his office and complained they gave me Homelinks number, no help I called back and got Liftmaster number and talked to tech support and they said I had to get a repeater. But had to pay for it. I called the office of the installer and told them I wanted it removed or figured out, the owner told me that my $30,000 and $40,000 cars had olld equipment in them. I had to let him know that one car was $60,000 and the other was $58,000 and when you spend that much money on a car you exspect to use the three stupid buttons in the car to open the dam garage door. He agreed and I will be either getting a diffrent opener or he will get a repeater and see if that works. The Mercedes workrd like a charm. If they say somthing will work their name is on the line!

Dave (not verified) Sat, 09/29/2012 - 20:06

I am a door dealer and recently installed a 8550 for a customer that has frequent power outages. Thought the battery backup was going to be great. Come to find out his car (Homelink) won't talk to the 8550 MyQ. I attempted to get a repeater for him but was told the homeowner needed to get it. How stupid is that? He called me to fix his problem and now I have to tell him he has to fix it himself. And I don't think anyone has mentioned that when the power goes out, the 8550 may still be able to function but the repeater will be plugged into a dead outlet. How's that going to work? Means he has to carry around the 8550 remote for those times his Homelink won't be able to transmit through the unpowered repeater. Poor, poor design. Liftmaster not only left the homeowner hanging, they've made their dealers look like rank amateurs. Bring back the 3850 so that we can fill our customers needs.

tom (not verified) Mon, 10/08/2012 - 17:19

very poor planning on this one, reminds me of the Genie Chainglide that was out for only a few years before it was pulled.

Ephone1 (not verified) Fri, 11/02/2012 - 15:22

I had a 8550 installed on November 1. I did a little research and saw this model was HomeLink compatible. What I didn't know was that my 2011 Yukon has Lear's Car2U, not HomeLink. I ordered the repeater from Lear, but I doubt it will work with my wife's 2007 Acura MDX - meaning I will have to buy two repeaters! LiftMaster's facebook link is pure PR garbage! They try to spin it to sound like their offering repeaters is a real favor to their customers. Also, they claim they gave this info to the Automakers in 2007 - even so, most cars go through a five year product cycle, so an update to built-in car openers was pretty unlikely. I guess we all got screwed because they will continue to sell their openers regardless. What a shame. If I was a competitor, I would tout wide compatibility with built-in openers in most models.

Mark (not verified) Thu, 11/15/2012 - 08:50

I have the same problem as everyone else 2011 Tahoe and Lexus 330 and both needed repeaters from Lear Car2U and Homelink. paid 7 for Homelink for Lexus and 24.95 for other- wow this is great- what a joke- dealer played dumb and manufacturer blamed the car manufacturers on issue- both were glad to receive payment and ship product. should have been sent for free

Mark (not verified) Thu, 11/15/2012 - 08:51

Edelin Door in St. Louis was dealer that failed to mention incompatible with vehicles

Gary (not verified) Mon, 12/10/2012 - 14:09

Yeah its good to double check, I got stuck with a new liftmaster and it was not compatible with my homelink, but I was able to figure a way around it and now it works great.

Casey (not verified) Mon, 12/10/2012 - 14:11

I'm curious as to how you got around the homelink issue. Thanks Gary Casey

John Wallace (not verified) Sat, 12/29/2012 - 12:35

The Liftmaster 8550 is junk. It will not program to countless numbers of cars. We have a 2012 GMC Yukon Denali, 2010 GMC Canyon truck and a 2011 Mercedes S550. To get the GMC to work, I have to buy a $40 additional piece of equipment called a repeater because the Rolling Code design Liftmaster put in is incompatible with the buttons in the GMC. Of course I have already installed the two units in our two garages, so we will eat it. WARNING if you have not put in the Liftmaster...take it back and return it. Unbelievable to me. I will NEVER buy another Liftmaster or Chamberlain product. What a huge mistake that costs me $80 to FIX this. Unreal.

John Wallace (not verified) Sat, 12/29/2012 - 12:39

It is unbelievable to me that my 2012 GMC Yukon Denali, did I say 2012??, is not compatible with the Liftmaster 8550. Did I say "unbelievable"?!!!!!! But Liftmaster's rude support line did tell me I can buy a $40 repeater for EACH of my two openers and then it will work fine. Get this...I bought the "battery backup" version, but if the power goes out, you CAN NOT open the door because this "repeater" thing plugs into a house outlet!!!! What a rip off. I feel completely robbed by LIftmaster. What a pathetic design...and they took me for two of them!!!!

Scott Basham (not verified) Wed, 01/16/2013 - 20:58

If you have not installed the Chamberlain MyQ- don't !!! Return it ASAP. I spent 5 hours on what should have been a 30 minute job replacing my old Chamberlain with a new one. In the end, I found out that my cars are too old to work with the Chamberlain MyQ garage lifter. Oh, but the way- too old includes a 2010 Chevy Camaro SS, a 2011 Cadillac CTS-V, a 2010 Mercedes E350 and a 2012 Land Rover LR4 (if built before October 2012). I will never, ever, ever buy another Chamberlain product. I have done so multiple times in the past, but never again. The box was deceptive by not mentioning that it was a new version of Homelink and once you have your lift assembled and up, it's tool late to box it back up and return to the store. Buyer beware!

Charles Nellist (not verified) Wed, 01/23/2013 - 17:48

I have a 2112 GMC that wont work with my new liftmaster...It will not work with my 2009 lexus either Lexus has homelink Wont program Needs repeater GMC has Lear car2u which wont work without repater 40$+doaalrs My Opener has Battery BU and the repeater needs 110v.....DUH If power out....the repeater is out so Battery BU wont work I purchased the most expensive unit and I am out the money unless lowes will take back. Chamberlian can not tell me which unit will work.

Kevin Campbell (not verified) Tue, 02/26/2013 - 15:15

It could be worse. You could have bought 3 of them like I did. So now I need a repeater for my 2007 Yukon with the LearCar2U transmitter and another repeater for my wife's car with the Homelink System. And of course if we LOSE POWER THE 8550 BATTERY BACKUP DOES NOT WORK FROM OUR VEHICLES. Heres another kicker. Liftmaster says don't plug the repeaters into the outlet that controls the opener due to potential interference. I only have one other outlet in my garage that will now be filled with repeaters. Now I have to call an electrician to put another outlet in my garage!! Liftmaster screwed up on this one. What kills me is that my truck was able to control my old lift master openers and if you go on their website it clearly states that my Yukon is compatible with the new units.

Oleg (not verified) Sun, 06/02/2013 - 22:43

Nice... But wait not nice at all. I wasted two evenings drilling through manuals of LM 8550 and my 2011 Subaru Tribeca until reached to internet just now to see what is actually going on. Homelink is so widely deployed technology on the market. It's a premium feature in many car models. This is such a shame the latest top model of LiftMaster does not support most commonly available car Homelink system. At the same time it is not clear whether it is the engineering team that must take all the blame or the marketing/sales. I think there are some weasels up there in LiftMaster/Chamberlain trying to generate sales of accessories. Shame on you!

David (not verified) Tue, 08/27/2013 - 13:06

Our 2013 X3 works just fine with the new Liftmaster. Our 2007 suburban however does not.

Michelle Brown (not verified) Tue, 05/21/2013 - 10:17

I have a 2001 Acura MDX that will not sinc with my newer Liftmaster. Can you advise on some help. Maybe I could use your adapter and ship it back since you only cater to certain areas. I live in Texas and would really appreciate your product to work. I do not have the original remote if this is part of the issue.

gdcorp Tue, 05/21/2013 - 11:08

Michelle: You will need to contact a local Liftmaster dealer or Homelink to purchase the adapter (homelink repeater). We did not mfg this product we only post our comments for others. The repeater should solve your problem (you do not need the remote for your old garage door opener). Hope this helps.

LBL (not verified) Mon, 07/29/2013 - 21:31

Agree....soooo disappointing. I had a choice: fix the old liftmaster system for $180 or purchase the "new and improved" system (for "just a little more"). After purchasing the new system, the installer was unable to program the remote with my car's homelink. After an hour, he left and said I should contact Ford. Did that, not really helpful. So, decided to try to figure it out on my own. Huge mistake! After 4 hours of trying/re-trying, resetting, "retraining" (etc), I finally gave up. Then, found this blog. Really wish I would have found out about the incompatibility issue out much sooner (like before it was installed)!!! Seriously? Go buy another gadget to get the new and improved one to work:( Not only a waste of money, but a waste of time that I'll never get back!

lisa keigher (not verified) Tue, 07/30/2013 - 11:58

I am a customer and this is exactely what happened to me. The installer gave me a new opener because after wasting time trying to program he had no answers. I would never have bought a lift master if I knew that this would be the result. I also spent many hours and still have not been able to get an answer from liftmaster. I spend several hours on hold to just feel frustrated. I will make sure that I tell everyone that I know not to buy a liftmaster.

Kevin (not verified) Sat, 08/17/2013 - 12:58

Wow, just found this blog after spending a very unsatisfying hour trying to program his and her 2010 and 2011 Car2U Ford Expeditions to the Liftmaster 8550s in our brand new house. Had no idea what could be wrong as the keypad and remotes were fairly effortless. Thanks for the great information. Pretty sad that it has been going on for over two years with no resolution. Have not contacted garage door company yet. Not sure if I will even subject myself to the frustration. Thanks for the info and for letting me vent.

Rick (not verified) Sat, 08/03/2013 - 10:22

Does anyone have a homelink car that works with the new liftmaster openers without the repeater?

Rick (not verified) Sat, 08/03/2013 - 10:27

It's August 2013, does liftmaster have an update or ETA for an update without buying a repeater?

Rick (not verified) Sat, 08/03/2013 - 10:27

It's August 2013, does liftmaster have an update or ETA for an update without buying a repeater?

gdcorp Sat, 08/03/2013 - 11:36

Rick: Over the last few months we have had numerous vehicles which worked with the new MyQ systems without the need for a repeater. Most of these cases were very new model cars. Most of our customers will need a repeater (one repeater regardless of the number of doors at the property). We have had a couple of customers who needed the Car2U and the Homelink repeater due to different mfg vehicles at the same location.

Brian Schmidt (not verified) Fri, 03/29/2013 - 17:47


Get Cats Meow … (not verified) Thu, 07/04/2013 - 01:39

This is really interesting, You're a very skilled blogger. I've joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your wonderful post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!

Keith (not verified) Mon, 11/03/2014 - 22:29

Like most busy, normal people, I read blogs after the fact in trying to remedy an issue. I suppose I could have done a better job of due diligence product wise but figured the garage company was doing it's full and fair disclosure. Today I swapped out my garage door as well as my garage opener to a LM 8550 from the original LM Professional in my townhouse from about 13 years ago. I was upsold as usual (which I didn't mind) to get the LM 8550 because of the battery backup feature. I live in the heart of Chicago (West Loop) and often have power outages in derogatory weather, figuring that I might as well be proactive if the opportunity presents itself...I was never made aware of the HomeLink issues that seemingly have gone unresolved for a couple of years now and am stuck with the inability to program my automobiles...My vehicles are newer as well (2013 BMW X5 and 2012 BMW M5). So now I guess I need to call LM Chamberlain support and ask what headway has been made to help rectify these inconvenient issues. Has any technology to address this issue been developed since the advent of this shortcoming or is the default "repeater" answer the only way address this issue at this juncture albeit a couple years later? For those on this blog that make it seem like people who put full faith into a product by purchasing and supporting the brand itself shouldn't be entitled to complain, most probably have not been victim to this lack of information sharing from the manufacturer, the dealers or whomever shares in the economics of selling said units. I understand that with technology moving at the pace that is has been over the last 10 years, that there may be some missteps by the technology/ design/ R&D of any company, but if this is a number of years later, either technology to placate these fears should have been developed or information sharing and transparency of the product/ manufacturer should have been divulged. That is only fair for the consumer, who by the way is responsible for the success or failure of any product that is sold or consumed...Fair is fair...the customer is who you should cater to as a company that relies on happy, repeat customers that will support their brand.

DM Juan (not verified) Wed, 06/11/2014 - 09:34

I should have researched openers before purchasing two LiftMaster 8000 series MyQ openers. They do not work with my 04 Toyota Land Cruiser or 2007 Infiniti G. I called LiftMaster customer service and was told my vehicles were too old and that it was essentially my fault their product is incompatible. They offered to sell me to repeater kits for $70 in order to make their openers work with my vehicles.

Rita Sabol (not verified) Fri, 05/01/2015 - 13:15

I am getting new garage doors and would like new garage door openers. But what I am reading about Lift Master and all the problems the consumers are having, I don't know if I want a Lift Master. Can you tell me if a 2012 Toyota Prius and a 2016 Acura RDX would be able to use your opener without the Repeater Kit. Thank you.

gdcorp Sat, 05/02/2015 - 06:47

If both vehicles are Homelink (NOT Car2U) then you should be good without the repeater.

Harry Markarian (not verified) Sat, 04/04/2015 - 17:19

Well I just bought a new 2015 GMC Sierra and also have a 2008 Lexus. Getting the remote to operate my garage (Craftsman) in both vehicles was easy. I spent plenty of time, including researching the internet because I couldn't get either of them to read my Liftmaster workshop door. Well I dug up the Liftmaster paperwork and discovered this little button, under the cover, called "learn". Push it and the light stays on for 30 seconds. Plenty of time to push and hold the remote button in my vehicles. IT FRIGGIN WORKED! Hope this helps someone out.

Mr.Connors (not verified) Tue, 07/28/2015 - 15:37

Re Homelink, and also my-Q. I have a 2014 Camaro.Had a new lift master installed 8 month ago. Installer said I would need a remote kit. So as of today I was using the remote that came with the opener. I started messing around went thru all the instructions nothing worked. I found out you do not use the LEARN BUTTON on the Garage Door Unit. I have 3 buttons on my car. I just held down the button I wanted for about 20 seconds and the led in my car started to flash fast, then I used the remote that came with the unit and held it down for 10 seconds or so, (Garage Door opened to the remote) Then to my surprise , the led in my car quit flashing! I hit the button in my car and guess what? my door opened. Now I can keep the one they gave me for a extra and no longer have to have it on my visor. Hope this helps.

bill (not verified) Tue, 07/28/2015 - 20:59

To program the 8500. use the learn button on the MyQ control pad. press it twice to get a steady red LED and proceed with the programing procedure with the home link repeater.

lterry913 (not verified) Tue, 07/01/2014 - 18:50

Those who are making statements about this being a first world problem are not getting the point...when you pay for a product or service you should get what you pay for...not be lead into buying adapters for a 2013 Ford vehicle. People are allowed to complain...if you are not having a problem why even chime in on an article that is obviously about a defective product...No, the world will not end because I have to use a remote. But if you pay for something you should get what you paid for. What if you paid for keyless entry, or heated seats in your car...would you be happy if you were told you had to pay for an adapter to get them to work?

Mike (not verified) Thu, 01/30/2014 - 23:16

So I had to have my garage door opener replaced yesterday, and because of work I had to talk to the service guy over the phone. He gave me a price for installation, which was fine, but didn't mention anything about this unit (Lift Master 8355) not being compatible with either my 2012 Silverado, or my Chamberlain keypad panel. I am obviously disappointed that I can no longer utilize either one of these options to control my opener. Any chance on fixing this problem anytime soon? Definitely feel cheated a bit that a NEW model opener can't even do what the old unit was capable of.

Dave (not verified) Sat, 02/01/2014 - 11:43

I had the nearly identical problem. I am now looking for a replacement for a 4 month old Liftmaster. Probably a Genie. Call you installer ASAP and ask for "deal" on a swap out that works on your GM (probably a Lear Car2U) universal remote, which what my Tahoe uses.

Amy (not verified) Thu, 03/20/2014 - 20:02

I have a 2013 Ford Fusion and my homelink wont work with my Liftmaster so newer doesn't matter. Nice to know I paid for an option on my car I can't even use.

AngieL (not verified) Mon, 08/18/2014 - 12:56

I just called Liftmaster. They told me I needed a repeater to link my cars to the opener. You also need a 828LM that links to your modem to use the MyQ app.

Ken (not verified) Sun, 08/24/2014 - 13:10

I wish I had known about this incompatibility before my garage doors (and one opener) were swapped out. I was out there yesterday trying to get my 2009 CLK as well as my son's 2012 G37 programmed and after much frustration I found out about this 'repeater' that is needed for backward compatibility. Everyone who's saying it's not the garage door manufacture's fault misses the point. The car is the dog and the opener is the tail. Who is going to change their car choice based on the models that an opener can control? But almost everyone will change (if they know) their choice of opener if it can't be controlled by their car. Obviosly the 'repeater' could have been included in the opener for some number of years for full backward compatibility and new 'better' security for those who could use it but I'm sure that added $3 of COGS (yes I know they sell for 40 or whatever by the COGS to put this inside the box was probably less than 10% of that). but they chose not to do that so they're endeding up making a lot of us want to kick this thing to the curb. I'm going to see tomorrow if my garage door guy will swap out this 'improved' product for one that actually works.

phil Girardi (not verified) Thu, 09/25/2014 - 20:46

my 2000 toyota avalon cannot be programed to my lift master 8500. When will the adapter be available?

gdcorp Thu, 09/25/2014 - 20:53

Phil: If the Avalon uses Homelink (usually they do) then the repeater adapter is available (and has been for quite some time). You can obtain it using the instructions provided on the yellow sheet included with the 8500 rjo instructions.

blood (not verified) Mon, 05/11/2015 - 23:39

maybe its because your gmc is from the future

Bryce (not verified) Fri, 09/18/2015 - 18:57

I Install 8500 today. I live in USA , but used the Canada setup. I have a 2015 Mercedes C300. Cleared all codes. Then held button 1 until yellow light comes on. Then release the button and press and hold the button on your remote for ~2 second and then release. Green light should flash green. Then press remote for 2 seconds and release. Light should go out. If programmed correctly when you press the button on Homelink it will flash green and the door will open. I programmed all 3 buttons on my car to the garage.

CA1969 (not verified) Mon, 07/07/2014 - 23:51

I have a 2012 BMW X5 and installed two MyQ's last year. I too found out that it is not compatible and had to buy the repeater, which worked just fine for a few days and then, all of the sudden, didn't anymore. I reprogrammed it once, and again, it worked for about 3 or 4 days and then was unresponsive. I called Homelink and they sent a replacement, which continues to sit in it's original plastic. I agree with one of the posts, that it's a pain to have to bring the remote into the house, if the car is outside over night. That is the main plus of having integrated buttons that are useless when the ignition is off. Very frustrating. Most tech companies design backwards compatible products. This was a huge oversight. You would at least think that Homelink would come up with a working list of specific automobiles on their site that are 2.0 compatible, but I've looked and can't seem to find anything about it. I suppose the silver lining is that I lease, and that next year, chances are better that what I lease will have compatibility. Still, GRRRRRRRRR.

Steve Pepin (not verified) Mon, 01/19/2015 - 08:31


If you are still having the issue with your Harley receivers not being recognized by your MyQ opener, we have been providing a cost effective solution for some time now. We offer both a modification service which adds a Security+2.0 module inside your existing Harley Davidson receiver, as well as a Plug-n-Play inline Security+2.0 module that can be connected to your receiver externally. Either solution will enable your HD receiver to be fully compatible with any Security+2.0 opener (LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman Assurelink, etc.) Visit for more info.

Eli (not verified) Sat, 01/25/2014 - 21:43

I just purchased the Chamberlain PD612EV with homelink and have a 2011 kia sportage with homelink and the door opener will not sync with car at all. Very disappointed that i can not use this feature wich is one of the main reasons i even purchased this model. I could have bought a cheaper model had i known this.

Charles (not verified) Thu, 02/13/2014 - 08:30

Talk about a first world problem. The openers come with a clip on remote that isn't much larger than the homelink button pad. Sure, it is annoying but on the other hand they've improved the security of the opener. If you consider that vast majority of break-ins occur either through a sliding patio door or through the garage, how ca you fault a company for increasing security. A more important question should be how the opener itself performs.

Taras Suran (not verified) Sun, 02/23/2014 - 10:23

8550 doesn't even works with 2012 infiniti FX50 and 2013 Q50... waste of money.................

Ryan H (not verified) Tue, 08/26/2014 - 22:09

Nobody said their world was going to come to an end, but when you spend several hundred dollars on what's touted to be the latest and greatest, it's not unreasonable to expect that it work in conjunction with your other units.

Brian (not verified) Thu, 07/03/2014 - 07:53

Alex, one of the major reasons that I prefer the included option of programing and utilizing the Homelink is the fact that I often times park my car(s) outside the garage. The smart feature of the Homelink is that it does not function while the car is parked and the ignition is off. Therefore, I don't need the LiftMaster remote inside the car at all. If someone breaks into the car, say at night, the Homelink would not open the garage door to provide access to our garage. So, because the LiftMaster is NOT compatible with Homelink, we don't leave the remote inside the car(s) at night. The world is not going to end...but I do feel LiftMaster has to share some of the responsibility since they are marketing that their remotes can integrate with your car.

Alex F (not verified) Tue, 04/22/2014 - 18:09

Jesus Christ people talk about a first world problem. Yes, I get it many of you cannot carry a regular remote control in your car like most people do because you like the fancy look of having a built in transmitter in your $60K cars (as someone previously mentioned in this forum). These problems are not LiftMaster's fault...Homelink (owned by Gentex I believe) was aware of these issues before security + 2.0 was rolled out but they refused to update their technology back then (looks like they have finally caught up since I have not had any issues with 2013 and 2014 vehicles not programming so far). So the issue does not lie with LiftMaster; it lies with Chamberlain. In the mean time, I'm sure the world's not going to end just because you have to carry a remote control in your $60K cars.

Alex F (not verified) Tue, 04/22/2014 - 18:11

Talk about a first world problem...the world isn't going to come crashing down just because you have to use your hand held remote controls in your $60K cars.

Alex F (not verified) Tue, 04/22/2014 - 18:16

Correction...I should have stated that the issue does not lie with LiftMaster but it lies with Homelink (not Chamberlain, as I mistakenly wrote).

Marc (not verified) Wed, 06/04/2014 - 19:36

Yesterday installed ML8500 and have 2012E350 & 2014ML350 could not program home link, not compatible and Installer told me it should work follow the auto Manual, I did without luck. installer recommending Repeater Kit, but I am not sure it is going to work. Lift master name has been changed to Lie Master.

James Dowd (not verified) Mon, 02/10/2014 - 17:35

I too just purchased a Chamberlin HD420EV from Home Depot. The box is clearly marked as "Homelink compatible". No asterisk, small print, exceptions, etc. When I couldn't program my 2012 nissan, I found Chamberlin customer service has a list of vehicles that are compatible with the MyQ transmitter. The list is VERY short. The list of vehicles that do not work with the MyQ transmitter is VERY long! Chamberlin customer service nice enough and I was not the first or last person with this issue. Offered a repeater, but still would have to pay shipping. I refused to pay anything extra for their design flaw. Alternative was to return the unit, costing Chamberlin $$$ and having an angry customer. Good luck selling a "used" unit. Chamberlin did notify car manufacturers about their new technology back in 2007. But if none of the manufacturers jumped on the change, and it wasn't backwards compatible, why would you green light this change? Encourage all to spread the word about this problem.

radio control cars (not verified) Mon, 02/10/2014 - 14:53

Useful info. Fortunate me I discovered your site by accident, and I am shocked why this coincidence did not took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

Frak (not verified) Fri, 11/07/2014 - 11:38

I have a 2006 MB and a 2014 Lexus, programmed the Lexus just fine, the MB did not work. I would rather have a state of the art garage door opener and carry around the provided portable remote then downgrade my opener due to the lack of security of my vehicle. I think that MB should have the option to "upgrade" to a newer more secure version. Keeping both the MB and the 8500.

Bruce Jackson (not verified) Sat, 12/27/2014 - 18:06

So I just purchased a brand new opener that is not compatible with my 2011 Chevy Silverado??? What's my options??? I would return it and probably not have bought it if I would have known that info in the beginning. And I already have it installed. That's the worst part.

gdcorp Sat, 12/27/2014 - 18:14

If you have Car2U then you may want to purchase a Car2U repeater to use your in vehicle remote with your new garage door opener. You can find details on learcar2u or Amazon. Good luck

Frank (not verified) Sat, 12/13/2014 - 09:46

Don't rush out and buy a 2012 car just yet. I just installed a Liftmaster 8500 and it wont program to my wife's 2012 Nissan Murano. It did however program to my 2013 Ford Fusion.

Tom (not verified) Sat, 07/18/2015 - 16:36

No! This is not necessarily true! My 2012 Mazda CX-9 is Homelink compatible (and works with a different Homelink opener), but will not program with the new LiftMaster opener. Our 2014 Audi, however, does work with the new LiftMaster. I suspect your new Acura will be okay, but would not count on the 2012 Prius.

Dick Blomgren (not verified) Sat, 01/16/2016 - 11:01

I put new receiver in lift master garage opener works great but my key fob to unlock and auto start my 2015 GMC Acadia will not work. We found no GMC vehicle fob works. Talked to door company and GMC no help. Any ideas?

James Byrd (not verified) Tue, 07/07/2015 - 12:29

I have a 2012 ford fusion sel and it will npt work in my car what so bad the tech was ready to pull out hos hair never could get mind to work either.Mind is the battery back up.. It works ok with the remote. Have not looked into settings it up with my lg 950 flex phone

Richard (not verified) Mon, 08/03/2015 - 23:04

I got the Chamberlain LW5000EV about 3 years ago and it synced with my 2013 Tacoma with no issues, but recently I got a used 2012 X5 and the thing won't program even though the car has Home Link, come to find out that Home Link compatibility does not mean anything. Since now I am required to buy a "bridge" to make my "Home Link" compatible car talk to my "Home Link" compatible garage door what a crock of _ _ _ _!!!! why have a compatibility standard when it isn't actually compatible??!!! wow just wow, sounds like false advertising!

Steve Pepin (not verified) Wed, 02/25/2015 - 12:41

We've now added a Universal Interface Module to the site. It's the same as the inline module, but it has longer wires with stripped, tinned leads. It can be used for interfacing just about any type of legacy device with your Security+ 2.0 garage door opener. Such devices include universal receivers, aftermarket receivers, fingerprint scanners, home automation/alarm equipment, etc. Just about anything with a relay or dry contact output can be interfaced with the Security+ 2.0 openers with this module. It's being introduced with a special 10% discount for a limited time (from now, through March 2015).

Harlie B. (not verified) Wed, 01/21/2015 - 19:06

Talked with LiftMaster Distributor an after research a repeater was found to be needed. Was news to them. Ha. What a hoot.

Scott Boyer (not verified) Fri, 10/30/2015 - 14:00

After a couple hours trying to get the '11 Murano's homelink to work I called LM/Chamberlain. He explained that HomeLink was changed in 2009 and some car manufacturers delayed the upgrade and some like Nissan have yet to. So the newer openers, especially MyQ versions, will not work with HomeLink cars that have do not have the "upgraded" HomeLink. My '15 Mustang does work with the new opener and also worked with the crappy 2011 Genie opener the builder installed. The Murano also worked with the Genie.

Chuck (not verified) Fri, 10/16/2015 - 18:39

My new Liftmaster does not work with my '12 CX-9 either nor my wife's 2009 Lexus.

John (not verified) Sun, 10/25/2015 - 06:39

I called Liftmaster prior to having two 8550W openers installed. I was told the Autolink would work for my 2010 Subaru Foresters. When I pressed, the rep stated the 8550W would work with any Autolink equiped car. After installation, the Autolink did not work. I paid $7 to have the compatibility bridge shipped. It worked for a few days and then both doors began to operate with pushing just one button on my Autolink. Customer service at Liftmaster told me to bring my car to service to check for a short. It is highly unlikely my vehicle(s) has a short because there was no issue for 6+ years with the old Liftmasters. Why my old 1997 Liftmaster openers worked fine with my Autolink manufactured 13 years later but the newer model don't sync with a 6 year old just carzy! In fact from what I am told is if the Liftmaster has a yellow button it will not sync with cars made prior to 2013. I am particularly unnerved because I paid extra for the 8550W because the 8550 had a battery backup. Guess what, the compatibility bridge is powered by electricity so if your power is out the Autolink will not work from the backup battery. Liftmaster tells you to keep a hand held remote in the car in the event of power failure. That defeats the security behind having an Autolink system. One of the main advantages of the Autolink is your remote cannot be stolen to gain access to you garage.

Angie (not verified) Wed, 01/27/2016 - 18:31

Ha, Ha, I wondered if I was the only one that noticed his futuristic vehicle.

Joe Ponds (not verified) Mon, 10/31/2016 - 01:41

Chamberlain WD832KEV Manual: The installation is quite easy. You have everything from the keypad to safety sensors that install pretty quickly, and the manual is helpful - [link removed]

Fritz (not verified) Sun, 07/22/2018 - 11:49

I too wasted an hour trying to program Homelink to my new 8550W opener.

I contacted Homelink and they were very helpful but acknowledged they have a problem.

I tried on a 2010 and 2017 Mazda CX-9, no joy.

I kept my Genie Intellicode receiver and will try to hack it into the Smart control panel.

Wife is upset that the car software is not updated or compatible, sad.