A massive power outage has hit the Chicago and suburban areas due to the storms last night. We are already getting the panic calls from those who cannot figure out how to get out of their garage. All garage door openers sold in the U.S. since the 1970's MUST have a manual release by UL requirement. This is usually a red string (a chain on some old units) located near the connection of the garage door opener arm to the garage door. In openers made after 1982 you simply pull down on the release sting and lift the door manually. Make sure the door is open high enough to clear your vehicle (especially if you have and van or SUV). You may have to prop the door fully open (you can use locking pliers below the bottom roller to secure the door). If your door does not balance properly it should be adjusted by a professional - we provide this service in the N/NW Chicago and suburban areas.

If you need instructions for most openers check for a yellow label on the garage door or visit our website at www.gdcorp.com and choose instructions. Our website is mobile friendly.

If you have a Liftmaster 3850lm belt drive it has an inherent battery backup system and should work the door approximately 30 times without power. It is normal to hear a beeping sound when using this opener during a power outage. We would be happy to provide details about this or any other Liftmaster professional garage door opener - simply contact us.