Many homes have been broken into and burglarized by thieves using universal controls that open the garage door by reading the access code in the opener. Rolling access code technology is one way to protect your home, family and belongings against thieves and intruders. Rolling access code technology changes the code of your automatic opener after every use, so the thieves' universal controls are rendered useless. All new residential garage door systems which we have installed in the Chicago, IL area have been rolling code since 1997. If you have a Lift-Master or other Chamberlain made opener it is rolling code if you have "Security+" designated on the system (or remotes). For Genie / Overhead brand units if it says "Intellicode" it is rolling code.

Although it is possible to purchase a universal receiver and transmitter retrofit kit to make your system rolling code it is usually better to invest in a new garage door opening system due to the age of the non-rolling code systems (usually over 12 years old).

Programming instructions are available on our website at under instructions. We will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns - just contact us through our website or via phone at 847/329-8300.


Jenna (not verified) Thu, 10/13/2016 - 13:52

My rolling-code openers are extremely unreliable and I'd like to convert my overhead doors to the more dependable non-rolling-code system that was used back in the 1980's. Can this be done?

gdcorp Sat, 10/22/2016 - 05:47

What kind of reliability problems do you think the rolling code systems have? Since 1995 when they were introduced we have not seen a reliability problem with the rolling code technology. It is possible that you have interference which is providing problems with your remote controls but this is not the fault of rolling code but the interference itself. Most residential openers on the market today are rolling code. There are a few that use fixed code (not the old dip switch configuration) but if the frequency that your receiver is on has interference it would not make any difference if they were rolling code or fixed code. The new Liftmaster / Chamberlain MyQ controls (which are rolling code) have attempted to solve the interference problem by transmitting on 3 frequencies simultaneously. We have had very good luck when switching customers who had interference problems over to the MyQ system. The range is much improved. Feel free to contact us with any further questions using the contact us links on this website.