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Submitted by gdcorp on Sun, 06/22/2014 - 14:53

Garage Door Corporation has been advised that some LiftMaster garage door openers (models 1355, 3255, 3270, and 3265-267) manufactured between January and March, 2014 may be generating a higher amount of sound than normal from the powerhead. LiftMaster testing has shown that only a small percentage of these garage door openers vibrate more than LiftMaster finds acceptable. To correct this issue, LiftMaster has designed and tested a Chassis Bracket which an installer can attach to a unit that they determine is experiencing above normal sound levels. This Chassis Bracket is easily installed and reduces the sound levels on these models. LiftMaster has taken corrective measures in the production process to eliminate this issue in the openers. The only model in the list which was sold by Garage Door Corporation is the 3265-267. Most users will not be affected by this issue but feel free to contact us through our website at www.gdcorp.com if you believe you have an overly noisy model purchased from us. Garage Door Corporation provides sales, service and installation of garage door and Liftmaster garage door openers in the N/NW Chicago and suburban areas of Illinois.